LLETZ stands for “Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone”. This procedure removes a small segment of the cervix (the lower part of your uterus). Cone biopsy is similar but deeper and required in certain situations where the abnormal cells are in the canal of your cervix rather than out on the area it is possible to see. This treatment is performed to remove abnormal cells from your cervix to prevent cancer of the cervix.

It may be performed under a general or a local anaesthetic. A colposcopy examination is performed under anaesthesia where the cervix is stained and the area to be removed is mapped out using high magnification. A fine wire loop with an electric current is used to remove the abnormal tissue from the cervix and sent to the laboratory for testing.

After the procedure there is not much pain, but there is a discharge which can continue for up to four weeks. Initially this may be bloody stained or have a black colour then it should become watery. During this time you should avoid baths, swimming, intercourse and using tampons.