If you are already pregnant, Congratulations!

I am excited to be accompanying you during your pregnancy journey. I have been lucky enough to care for many women throughout their pregnancies over the last 20 years and because I have been doing this for a while, I have been able to help women manage and where possible avoid a wide range of complications which might arise in the course of their pregnancy or during labour and birth.

I am confident managing all the complications of pregnancy and I understand the demands and anxiety pregnancy can bring. As well as this experience in my work life, I have had four pregnancies and three children of my own and not always straightforward. As a result of my own experience I have certainly developed much more empathy with women and their families.

What usually happens in the course of your pregnancy?

You will have a number of visits with me including:

  • Your first antenatal visit at around 10 weeks to discuss and arrange the recommended investigations and to identify any potential problems we might need to address by additional monitoring
  • Four weekly visits until 28 weeks
  • Visits at 31 and 34 weeks
  • A visit at 36 weeks to firm up your plan for birth
  • Then weekly antenatal visits until your baby is born
  • If waiting for spontaneous labour we usually wait until around 41 weeks
  • If you are having a planned caesarean section we usually do that around 39 weeks
  • Your hospital stay depends on how your baby is born and is usually 4 days for a vaginal birth and 5 days after a caesarean section
  • Your postnatal visit six weeks after your baby is born

Please note that you need to book into the hospital for your birth and in case of any emergencies in pregnancy so the earlier the better. This can be done online by clicking here. At this site you can also arrange antenatal classes and book to see any of the ancillary services for example a physiotherapist.